Giant Cinnamon Roll 2-Pack


Indulge in two giant, made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls made with love by owner Coz! Choose from our classic cinnamon roll, Brandy Old Fashioned, or Cherry Pie. Select two of one flavor or one of two flavors.

Each cinnamon roll is 8 inches in diameter and serves approximately 3 people each.

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Did we mention giant?! Your package will include two giant, made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls, each approximately 8” in diameter - that's enough to share with 3 people per cinnamon roll!

Cinnamon rolls are shipped frozen to ensure they are as fresh as possible when they arrive and are packed with dry ice, so be careful when diving into your package! When you receive your rolls, place them in the fridge, or start proofing right away!

We include simple instructions to proof and bake your rolls at home so you can enjoy them right out of the oven.

Frozen rolls will last in the freezer for up to 1 month and unbaked rolls can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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Flour, sugar, buttermilk, eggs, butter, cinnamon, yeast, cream cheese, vanilla flavor, salt.

“The best cinnamon rolls on the planet.”

— Andrea R.

“Best cinnamon buns I’ve ever had!”

— Dan S.

“Seriously one of the best bakeries I ever been to. Their cinnamon roll is unreal.”

— Ahraaz Q.

“…Their frosting is airy and not overly sweet. Cinnamon roll is something you need multiple people to tackle – wow.”

— Sam E.

“Rosie’s giant cinnamon rolls are sweet treats the whole family enjoys! My sons marvel at how one cinnamon roll fills an entire dinner plate! The dough is tender and chewy, the cinnamon filling is just right, and the frosting is sweet without being over the top. Plus, the fun flavors keep us coming back for more.”

— Sara T.

“Cinnamon rolls as big as your head!”

— Christine K.

“The cinnamon rolls here are off the chain.”

— Chauncey B.

“I’ve never had cinnamon rolls quite like the ones from Rosie’s. The dough has an amazing flavor and I absolutely love the unique flavors (cherry pie is so good!). Plus, they’re huge. It takes my boyfriend and I at least two days to finish just one roll! Highly recommend!”

— Hannah R.

“Best cinnamon roll in the county.”

— Brian B.

“These cinnamon rolls are massive! It usually takes me a few days to just finish one. The rolls are good and I really enjoy the rotating flavors.”

— Cody F.

“Giant pillowy cinnamon rolls, gooey with buttercream frosting.”

— Matt W.

“The cinnamon rolls are huge! They will be bigger than you expect…they are delicious heated up.”

— Cortney F.